May 19, 2010

Go Big or Go Home!!

I did it!! I finally dyed my hair red! It is bold and—if I might say so myself—it is beautiful! I’m so excited about it. My roommate Emily has been wanting to dye hers for a couple of weeks now, and so she made me go and get a box dye when she got hers. I was super nervous because I didn’t know if I would find a color that would turn out. But I took a deep breath (or several), and I did it. I feel like a celebrity. And I’m grateful for the fun change. Give it a look and let me know what you think. But even if you hate it, be aware that I will still think it is one of the greatest things I’ve done. I really do.

Here is one of me in my big, pink movie star glasses

And here is me with my roommate Emily as we mock swimsuit model poses. Aren't we just so clever?


Hailey Jones said...

i love it too.
so cutest red head.
i love you and miss you. thanks for posting all the time so i know what you are doing.
i think you should post more.
daily possibly.

Life Is Beautiful said...

Hahaha well...thanks for posting that ridiculous picture of us! lol...oh man.

I do love your hair! You are such a 70's chick...and thank you for dying your hair with's so much more fun that way...and you know that deep down inside that was what you really wanted to do anyway! :)

amzar_zahara said...

Hey you so beautiful beb....