May 14, 2009

Life in General

Writing a new blog. I thought that I was going to be better about this. Turns out I'm not less busy. I think I knew that before, but I wasn't letting myself believe it. I love the new job. The girls are well... interesting... for lack of a better word. They are very energetic, and for the most part, I enjoy spending time with them. Sometimes when they are screaming or throwing fits, it is a little less fun, but I suppose that is just how life is. I get paid for chilling with teenage girls, going to the movies, eating, going shopping, etc. Who can complain?

But in light of my two jobs, I have not a whole lot to talk about. I don't have much of a social life because I'm working 3 nights out of the week. And I'm pretty sure guys think that I'm blowing them off when I tell them that I can't go out because I work until 11 on Friday nights. Guys don't usually call again when you blow them off. That is something interesting that I've learned.

Oh, I also have learned that Applebees has karaoke every Tuesday night! Who knew?! They have themes, and people dress up all crazy cool, and there are drunk people who sing all disgustingly. It is awesome. And the appetizers are all half off. So I can get fat while I'm watching the drunk people make complete fools of themselves. How great is that?! This last Tuesday I got a Blue Ribbon Brownie (desserts are NOT half off, by the way), and I was really disappointed because I remember the Blue Ribbon Brownie being the greatest thing on earth, and it definitely was not. BUT when the waitress brought the bill, mine said $0.00. Confused, I consulted the waitress when she came back to pick up our money. I said, " sort of didn't charge me," to which she responded, "For what?" This question made me really confused since I had only ordered one thing. So after contemplating for what seemed like a very long time, I said, "Well...for....ANYTHING....?" and showed her my receipt. And here comes the main point of this seemingly pointless story: Apparently Applebees doesn't need you to pay them in order to make money, because the waitress just sort of shrugged her shoulders and said, "Huh. Well, oh well." Oh well. That was it. I didn't have to pay for my less than ideal Blue Ribbon Brownie. They really should change the name. I think it is more like the Yellow Ribbon Brownie. Or The Ribbon That They Give As An Award To The Kid Who Came In Last But They Don't Want Him To Feel Like A Loser Brownie. Maybe that title is too long. Wouldn't look good on a menu. This is why I was not hired as their menu writer. That and the fact that I didn't apply. Do people just apply for that job anyway?

Anyway, aside from karaoke night, I'm going to start going country dancing. I love it, and I miss it. Anyone want to join me? I'm hoping I'll meet my soul mate there. But since I don't believe in soul mates, I think I probably won't.

And that is the status of my life. That and I got a new roommate. Her name is Elisabeth, and she is really great, and she is a good cook, and I like hanging out with her.