Apr 16, 2009

A New Day

What is it about the end of a semester that makes you feel completely free? Is it the fact that when you come home at night you come home to a warm bed and a pleasant roommate instead of to a huge pile of homework... next to your warm bed and pleasant roommate? I don't know. all I know is that I am feeling very free...
which is sort of funny because I'm not completely free. I still have a job. A job that I have to get up in the morning for, despite the fact that it is 1:30, and I just spent the last 2 hours getting caught up on all the episodes of The Office that I missed back before I was free. It was so nice not to have to worry about anything because school is over... besides the two finals that I have next week.
But yeah, I still have to wake up for my job in the morning. But it's not so bad. I am only working one job tomorrow.
Yeah, I actually just recently got a second job. That will be interesting, because I've never really had two jobs at the same time. There was that one time that I was working at the wilderness program and then at the preschool as a substitute the weeks that I was home. But somehow I think having two jobs simultaneously will be a little different. Mostly because there will be less camping. This one is similar to the wilderness job in that it is a job working with teenage girls.
But yeah, now that I'm free and have so much extra time, I have also offered to help an author type up his written manuscript. He is actually paralyzed in his right arm, so he said he'd pay me to do it. I figured since I don't have homework anymore, I will have plenty of time to help him out with this. Besides, I can always use a few extra bucks, right?
So, the other reason that I'm really excited to be free and have all of this extra time, is that its going to be summer soon, and I'm excited to be outside. My mom wants me to help landscape the backyard this summer. Now, I really like my mom, and I will help her with some things, but, come on Mom, landscape the whole yard? I don't think so. I'm going to be sunbathing or something with all that free time I have. But then, I have to give my mom a little more credit than that, because she figured this out before I even thought it. She offered to pay me to help her. Real money. Except not so much in the form of dollars that she gives to me, as in the form of less dollars she expects to receive from me (I happen to owe her for a semester of school). And Mom is not fooling around. She really wants her yard done, so for every hour that I work, I will owe her twenty less dollars that I make typing a book for a paralyzed man, babysitting neurotic teenagers, or posting book covers on a website. These dollars I will need for other things.
With these dollars that I save, I may pay to take a class or two. I know, I know, I thought I was celebrating being free from school. But I've been thinking lately about how much I hate ASL. No offense to you deaf people. I think that it is very useful for you guys. But for me, it is making my life all sorts of more stressful...because I don't know how to sign. The problem is that I now have to take two more semesters of the freaking language. I could die. BUT, if I take them both during the summer, then I could get them over with in just like 8 weeks. Done. Finished. Over. Complete. And I'll never have to speak to a deaf person again. Ha. Kidding. But I MAY never have to. And besides, how bad can it be to take just one class in the summer when I have so much extra time floating around. It should be a piece of cake.
Mmm. Cake sounds super good. But I'm trying not to eat late anymore. I didn't have time before to exercise, but maybe now that I do have time, I can start a routine or go to the gym.
Anyway, I do have quite a number of things to do this week.... probably because school isn't exactly all the way over. You know, I have those two finals. I had to write the TA about one of the finals, because it was a scheduled test, and it just happened to be scheduled during part of my first New Haven shift on Monday. So now my test is on Tuesday... which will be fine, but I'll probably have to leave CFI early on Tuesday. I could make up the time, but I have a bunch of trainings to do for New Haven, because apparently they want to make sure you're "qualified" to work with at-risk teens or something. And I probably won't have time to go and help my mom this weekend, because I'll have to study for those two tests. So I'll have to help her during the week, though in between CFI and New Haven, I don't know when.....
So as you can see, I am going to be far less busy than I have been this last semester, so I should have plenty of time for socializing and dates. Heck, I bet I'll be a dating madwoman. Or better yet, I'll get engaged! Yeah, that's why I love being so free, without school. It really feels great.